Click to zoom the image    We are located at Playa Guasacate, wich is what everybody calls Popoyo. It's the closest place to stay from  the wave Popoyo.

    Coming from Managua or Granada, you take the Panamerican Highway towards Rivas or Peņas Blancas (the Costa Rican border), and make a right turn  after crossing the Ochomogo bridge, heading Las Salinas de Nagualapa. This road is closed when it rains to much and you should keep going south in the Panamerican Highway until you reach Rivas.
    Coming from Rivas, you go towards Tola and from there, you follow the road all the way to Las Salinas de Nagualapa.

    Once you are at Las Salinas, you have to cross the river through the bridge, following the instructions that lead you to Playa Guasacate.

    The signs that say Playa Popoyo take you to the old town, that was washed away in the 90's, the acces is harder, there are not many places to stay and it's a longer distance from there to the wave.

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